How to order

All pieces of furniture shown on this website are custom made to order and take between 6-8 weeks to make. Custom dimensions and alternative woods can be requested for your order. Extra costs may be incurred if the dimensions are significantly different to those listed on the web site. Please call or e-mail for a quote. Most pieces are crated for shipping by DHL and fully insured. Larger pieces are shipped via a blanket wrapped service shipper. Prices for crating and shipping depend on the size of the piece and your address.

To purchase furniture on this website, you have three options. We accept credit cards, checks and bank wire transfers. You can e-mail your request listing the furniture you wish to purchase, your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. For Credit card payments and checks we will email you an invoice with further information on processing your payment. For bank wire transfers we will forward you our Bank wire transfer information. Once the 50% deposit has been received we will email you to confirm the order and expected delivery date.

How to start the custom design process

If this is the first time you have ever ordered a custom made piece of furniture, you are about to embark on an exciting journey and will be truly surprised by the benefits of doing so. Below are the four steps to ordering custom furniture and interior designs.

1.Receiving Your Request:
The first step in creating custom furniture or interiors is compiling all of the details and information from you for what your wishes are. Below are some of the questions that help us get started.
• What type of furniture would you like designed and what specific uses do you have for it?
• How many pieces would you like?
• What are the dimensions Width, Height and Depth?
• Are there specific wood specifications? Alder, oak, walnut, bamboo, cherry, other?
• Any and all specific details concerning the furniture such as ...
- Does it go upstairs or into an elevator?
- Are there any special door hardware you want to use, etc?
- Are there any audio visual specifications?
• What type of fabric or leather would you want us to use?

2.Proposal Acceptance
Acceptance of proposal includes agreement on price and deposit received.
Once all the information is gathered from Step 1 and you have approved the price, in most cases, a rendering is created for your approval to double check that all the design integrity of what we are creating has been properly communicated.
After the rendering is approved with the proper measurements and design details, your design goes to the next step which is production.

Our lead time is approximately 8-10 weeks for manufacturing and finishing. There are some instances along the way where changes to the design may occur once the production process has begun. This can result in an adjustment to the agreed upon price which will always be disclosed for approval from you before any changes are made.
When the furniture is completed it goes through our quality control and digital images will be sent to you before the furniture goes into finishing.

While Step 3 is in process we simultaneously begin on Step 4. We create a sample for you of the finishing requests you submitted in Step 1. You may have, in lieu of submitting a finishing request of your own, selected a standard finishing option from Andrew Muggleton. In either case a sample of the finishing is sent to you for approval. Upon acceptance we keep 1/2 of the sample and you receive the other 1/2 for your final check on correct color. Sometimes clients like to keep the color samples in order to work on other color palettes in the room or elsewhere in the home.
When your furniture comes out of production we apply the approved finishing and another level of quality control. Final details are applied which may include, depending upon your furniture, hardware, glass or lights.
Delivery gets set up for your custom designed furniture to be delivered to your home. Installations are included if required.

How to Order
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