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Andrew Muggleton Expands “Macassar Collection”

Download Press Release-Andrew Muggleton Expands His Macassar Collection

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (January 12, 2012) --  Contemporary furniture designer / maker Andrew Muggleton ( is pleased to introduce a stunning new addition to his Macassar Collection - the all new Macassar Lounge. “I have received a number of requests for a chaise that can be adjusted to go along with the other pieces in the collection,” said Muggleton, “and I am very pleased with the way this turned out.” 

Muggleton has introduced a new version of his popular Balustrade Chaise. Beautifully stitched and upholstered leather supports are secured to stainless steel curved rails. The headrest is also upholstered in leather. The base is curved and tapered in Macassar Ebony, which is considered one of the most lustrous and beautiful of the ebony wood family. It is a very dense wood, making for an extremely durable piece of furniture. The seat can be positioned at an infinite number of angles for reading or simply relaxing.

ABOUT Andrew Muggleton

Andrew Muggleton is a true artisan who creates stunning furniture designs, many of which are one-of-a-kind.  In designing his contemporary furniture, Muggleton combines extraordinary woods with metal and glass to create furnishings with spare, elegant lines. Dining room tables and chairs, console tables, beds, entertainment units and sets of drawers are crafted with a nod to comfort and an eye towards beauty.  His furniture designs are innovative but not complicated, and usually feature large curves and a mix of materials - solid wood, veneer, metal and glass.

Much like Henry David Thoreau, a complex man of many talents who worked hard to shape his craft and his life, simplicity is a hallmark of Muggleton’s design philosophy. “Keeping a design simple and avoiding the trap of filling empty space with unnecessary clutter is my most difficult - and most rewarding - challenge,” says the British born designer who now works out of his studio in Longmont, Colorado.  “Simplicity in life is difficult and complicated to achieve,” added Muggleton. “It is easy to have too much going on and spend too much time organizing it.”

Muggleton creates high quality modern furniture by bending and shaping exotic woods and blending other materials such as metal and glass to achieve the desired outcome.  “The method of making curved furniture is a complex process, which has been practiced for centuries,” says Muggleton, who went on to explain: “Many thin layers of wood are joined together, placed on a mould and inserted into a vacuum press. The vacuum press shrinks itself around the mould, contorting the wood over the new shape. The press delivers a cumulative pressure of almost 4 tons over the new design.”  Once the body of the work had been created in this way, says Muggleton, the same process is used to apply beautiful veneer onto the surface.

Elements of engineering, structure and architecture are all incorporated into Muggleton’s work, and each serve to inspire him daily. “Buildings, bridges and archways new and old all provide a fundamental foundation for my designs,” he says.  Explaining his affinity for creating curved furniture, Muggleton says, “Everything in nature is curved, from the smooth pebbles on a beach to an egg. Sharp jagged edges do not make you feel at ease; but a field of straw bending in the wind, now that is inviting. This is the reason my work involves such beautiful and subtle curves.” 

Andrew Muggleton was born in Aldershot, England. He graduated  from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in  manufacturing engineering and worked throughout  the world as a design engineer before moving to the  United States in 1999 to develop his passion for  furniture design. He recently moved back to Europe and set up his new design studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His work has been featured in a number of well respected  magazines, including The Robb Report, Architecture & Design of the West, Northern Home, Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine Interiors & Sources Editors' Choice Product Picks, and Wood Art Today. For more information, or to request a brochure, visit

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