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At Andrew Muggleton we design and create innovative, high-quality modern and contemporary furniture and Product Designs. We work directly with you to develop a new piece of furniture or product for your home, company or hotel. We do this by paying very particular attention to your needs and requirements. We help you understand the process that is involved and show you what is possible or guide you to the best solution if needed. With over 20 years of Engineering, Product Design, Manufacturing and Furniture making expertise, we can help you choose the most suitable material for an application, or the best design to be produced in quantities.

To do all of this we use past experience, old and new concepts and keep vigorously up-to-date with new technologies. Though most of our design work starts out as sketches on paper, we develop them with the best design programs in the industry to ensure nothing has been overlooked.

Over the years we have developed a product line of furniture that we are constantly adding to together with product designs that have been taken to market for our clients, which is displayed on this website, . This gives you a taste of what we are capable of designing and producing. We create each piece of furniture to order, so the possibilities are endless in choices of materials, size and design. We work with fabrics, Leathers, woods, metals and plastics to develop the final piece that you are looking for.

We will design and make a new barstool for your kitchen, create a new conference table for your company headquarters, design and build a chaise lounge for your new spa resort or develop a new lantern design for your outdoor gear company.

We are driven by the challenge and enjoy the journey.


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